Earth Treasury Bodhisattva

Earth Treasury Bodhisattva 

Earth Treasury Bodhisattva is also known as (Sanskrit: Ksitigarbha, Tibetan: Sayi Nyingpo) “Compassion Vow Vajra”or “Vajra with Great Vow”. During degenerate times, the practice of Earth Treasury Bodhisattva is most beneficial and most accessible to sentient beings of this world. Such merit is vast as space, deep as the oceans and high as Mt. Meru. Even if all the enlightened ones from all the ten directions praise and glorify the merits accrued from practicing Earth Treasury Bodhisattva’s practice for tens of millions of eons, it still is not enough to level it.

If one fervently and one-mindedly recites or pays homage to Earth Store Bodhisattva’s holy name or mantra or practices His holy method to enlightenment, not only will he/she be spared from suffering, but also be benefited in these 28 different ways according to Chapter 13 of Earth Treasury Bodhisattva’s Sutra:


  1. They will be protected from protective deities like devas and heavenly dragons.
  2. Their ability to do good deeds will increase.
  3. Opportunities of doing good will increase.
  4. The will to attain Buddhahood will continue unfailingly.
  5. Such people will enjoy sufficiency in food and clothing.
  6. They will be free from all diseases.
  7. They will never suffer from floods or fire.
  8. They shall not fall victim to robbery and loss of goods.
  9. They will be respected and admired by people.
  10. They will be protected and assisted by spirits and devas.
  11. Females who want to be born as males will be reborn as such. (Due to the gender inequality during Buddha’s time.)
  12. Females will become daughters of kings and noble families.
  13. They will be reborn with good appearance and complexion.
  14. They will be reborn in the heavens for many lives.
  15. They will be reborn as kings or rulers of countries.
  16. They will have the wisdom to recollect their previous lives.
  17. Their aspirations will all be fulfilled.
  18. Their family relationships will improve and be happy.
  19. They will be free from all disasters.
  20. Their negative karma will be wiped out forever.
  21. They will be safe wherever they will be.
  22. They will always have peaceful and happy dreams.
  23. Their deceased relatives will be free from all kinds of suffering.
  24. They will be reborn in a happy state.
  25. They will be praised by divine beings.
  26. They will have wisdom, be intelligent and skillful. 
  27. They will have compassion for others.
  28. They will finally attain ultimate enlightenment – Buddhahood.


Importance and Reasons for Excellence of this empowerment:

Excellence of Timing:

During these degenerate times, demerit and unvirtuous acts are on the rise, while merit and virtuous acts are declining. This causes the rise in natural disasters so this empowerment is very timing in a way to pray for removal of impending ill fortunes and imploring of blessings, as well as to plant the seeds of Earth Treasury Bodhisattva’s practice.

Excellence of Tradition:

Such empowerment is under Nyingma Palyul’s  Namchö (Sky Treasure) Tradition, as revealed by the great terton (treasure revealer)  Migyur Dorje some 300 years ago and continuously practiced and passed on by all throne holders of the Palyul Lineage. Thus, such lineage is complete, pure and blessed. In this light, the Philippine Palyul Dharma Center is humbly offering this empowerment to all students in our fervent wish that students will be introduced to this auspicious practice and be blessed by the mercy and compassion of Earth Treasury Bodhisattva. 


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