Grand Mahakala Protector Puja


Grand Mahakala Protector Puja 

According to Lunar and Tibetan calendars, every start of the year signals a new beginning and the wish to leave the bad behind while welcoming the new and the good continues to be practiced in many cultures. With this in mind, a grand Mahakala Protector Puja will be performed by the Philippine Palyul Dharma Center on March 22, 2015 at 9:30am with His Eminence Mugsang Kuchen Tulku Rinpoche as the main presider. As the spiritual son of His Holiness Pema Norbu Rinpoche and the reincarnation of Migyur Dorje, his leading of this puja is very much special and exceptional.

Benefits of joining this Puja:


  1. Dispel misfortunes and pray for blessings and protection
  2. For the stability and strength of the country and the peace of all its citizens
  3. For the harmonious relationship among the family members
  4. For the fulfillment of one’s own aspirations and wishes 
  5. Dispel black magic and curses made by evil practitioners
  6. Clear astrological harm caused by unlucky stars
  7. Eliminate any amount of obstacle or obstruction caused by demons
  8. Lessens the probability of earthquakes, floods, typhoons, fires and many other disasters
  9. Averts lawsuits from wrong accusations
  10. Minimize disputes caused by bad-mouthing
  11. Stops the spread of diseases plagues and epidemics
  12. Prevent wars and instabilities
  13. Hinders the spread of agricultural catastrophes 
  14. Decreases the probability of theft and robbery
  15. Stops hindrances caused by ghosts and evil spirits
  16. Impedes problems caused by bad fengshui in ancestor’s graves
  17. Dispels obstacles brought about by the new year
  18. Averts mental illnesses and worries
  19. Stabilizes work and career
  20. Protects one from poisons and other harms
  21. Dispels all obstacles and negativities
  22. Repays karmic debts
  23. Subdue the inner poisons – desire/ attachment, anger/ aggression, delusion/ ignorance, pride, jealousy 
  24. Open up wisdom
  25. Overall success and without obstructions


Benefits of Offering Torma for the Grand Mahakala Puja

There are many elaborately detailed records on Torma, expressing its purposes, definitions, and representations. Different kinds of Torma are found in various texts and Dharma practice manuals. Doing an elaborate practice requires a separate characteristic Torma for each and every deity of the three roots (Lama, Yidam, Khandro) or Dharma Protectors like Mahakala.

The benefit of the torma is to be used as an essential support to fulfill the accomplishment of both enlightened wisdom and worldly deities.

Guru Rinpoche has said, “It has both temporary and ultimate benefit. It accomplishes longevity without sickness, increases wealth and prosperity and increases all the good qualities you and your family possess. The temporary benefit is the fulfillment of all your wishes without any obstacles. The ultimate benefit is purifying obscuring defilements, accumulating perfect merit, and arriving at the surpassable stage of Enlightenment.” He also says, “All spiritual attainments can be accomplished through torma. Both meritorious deeds and wisdom are intensified through torma.” To higher beings, he emphasizes that “by making torma offerings, you can perfect your wisdom mind.” And to lower beings, he advises, “you can increase your merit.”

In short, there are so many purposes of torma, which not only bring benefit in this life but cause attainment of the enlightened wisdom mind. Having heard this, you can act accordingly, with full devotional faith and confidence and motivate yourself to appropriate meritorious actions.



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