Benefits of Making Lamp Offering

Lamp offering symbolizes the light of wisdom dispelling the darkness of ignorance, in order to attain Buddha's luminous clear wisdom. It is also a skilful method to encourage harmony and generate merit while promoting success, prosperity, longevity, peace and love, as well as helping to avert obstacles, pacify the upheaval of the five elements and heal diseases. The enlightened ones do not require the offering of light, this is a means for us to dispel the darkness of our own ignorance and to clear our obscurations and defilements.

A lamp offering also carries the wish to attain buddhahood and the aspiration to recognize the clear light at the time of death, thereby experiencing liberation in that moment. In this way lamp offerings are associated with transitions in one's life.

Lamp offerings are best made before consecrated representations of fully awakened wisdom, loving-kindness, and compassion.



Because of the association with great good fortune,lamp offerings are made for any individual or family life event that is celebrated, such as the birth of a child, the marriage of a couple, the graduation of a son or daughter, the birthday of a friend, and the anniversary of one's parents.

The Story of Lamp Light Offering


During the time of Buddha in Shravasti, there was a beggar woman named Nyenga who had nothing to offer to Buddha. She went door to door begging for oil to make a butter lamp. Finally, she was able to offer a single lamp in the temple among hundreds of other lamps. She, then, made the heartfelt aspiration: “ By this light offering, may I achieve the same wisdom as Buddha Shakyamuni, the arhats and all enlightened beings, completely dispelling the darkness of ignorance of all sentient beings.” Then she left the temple.

Throughout that day, among the hundreds of lamps gradually burned out. Hers was the only lamp glowing still towards the end of the night. At the time, Buddha entered the temple, he said: “ don't try to put out her lamp light because there is no way to do so. Even the water from four oceans, and stormy wind, you will not be able to put out this lamp light. This lamp was offered by a beggar woman who dedicated this lamp for the enlightenment of all sentient beings, so her Bohicitta aspiration can not be interrupted. “ The Buddha then make a prophecy that she will be enlightened in the future and became Buddha named The Lamp Light. From the story we learned that the inconceivable merit will be generated by offering lamp light and the wish will be fulfilled when we wholeheartedly pray to Buddha with pure motivation for one and others.


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