LUD (Chi Lhu) RITUAl


The Ritual of Lud Tangma is performed to eradicate untimely death due to obstacles caused by evil spirits and other negativities. These include bad karma, poor health, financial problems and all other mental, spiritual and emotional sufferings such as fear, confusion, pain and doubts. During the ritual, participants will place cut nails, hair, unwashed worn clothing, leng chag ( a type of mold used for rubbing on unwell body parts) into a receptacle(LUD) containing a human figurine. The figurine, the leng chag, hair, nails and worn clothes all represent the negativities and obstacles of the participants. Food and other offerings are also placed into the Lud to pacify the evil spirits and keep them away from us. At the end of the ritual, the Lud is thrown away and left at a crossroad thus eliminating all causes of untimely death.


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