The Reasons of Bathing Buddha's Statue on Wesak Day


The Reasons of Bathing Buddha's Statue on Wesak Day

      When we bathe the Buddha’s body, of course, our Teacher, the Lord Buddha’s body does not have any stain of un-cleanliness or filth, however, by the act of bathing the Buddha’s body, our own misdeeds and obscurations of body, speech and mind will be purified. That is the reason why we bathe the Lord Buddha Shakyamun’s body. If we use the water that bathed the Buddha to wash our own bodies, we can, ourselves, receive the blessings of the Buddha. During the Wesak days, if you perform even a tiny positive virtue, you will have inconceivable benefits, and , likewise, any tiny non-virtuous misdeed could also becomes a great negative karma. It is very important that everyone should perform as much virtue as possible and avoid non-virtue as much as possible during Wesak period of 15 days

Vesak or Vaishakha Day 
(Tib: Saga Dawa Duechen)

Vesak (Vaishakha) Day is celebrated on the 15th of the 4th lunar month. This Buddhist holiday commemorates the three important events in Buddha Shakyamuni's life: Buddha was born in Lumbini (Nepal), became enlightened in Bodhaya (India) and entered paranirvana ("passed away") in Kushinagar (India). On this auspicious day, merits/demerits gained over positive/negative actions are said to multiply million times. Buddhists are encouraged to practice vegetarianism on this day and to participate in life release.

Bathing of Baby Buddha on Vesak Day 

On Shakyamuni Buddha's Birthday, most Buddhists follow the tradition of bathing Baby Buddha with water. According to Buddhist legend, when Buddha was born, he pointed his right hand up and left hand down to announce that he will unite heaven and earth. Hence, a standing Baby Buddha figure with the same mudra is placed on the altar for the ceremonial bathing. As we pour water over Baby Buddha, we pray fervently that our body, mind and speech be purified and that all our defilements and impurities be cleansed so that all sentient beings may advance in their spiritual development.



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