Lineage history

Lineage history

 The Brief Lineage History of  Tulku Rinpoche Jamyang Wangpo


In the district of Lhodrag situated to the south of Samye in Central Tibet, a child was born to Nyangton Chokyi Khorlo, a renowned Nyingma yogi, and his wife Lady Yeshe Dron. The child was named Nyima Özer, 'Beam of Sunlight,' an extraordinary being who possessed eight marvellous signs including three moles in the shapes of the syllables om ah hung on his forehead, throat and heart center. After being concealed at home until the age of twelve, unknown to other people, he was taken to a fair arranged by his uncle. At the fair he outshone everyone in the horse race and when seated upon a small throne by his uncle, Nyima Özer expounded bodhichitta, inspiring deep faith in the whole gathering. Because of the twelve year old long hair that was wrapped around his head to hide his ushnika and the om in his forehead, he was given the name Lord Nyang Ral, the Braided Master of Nyang.


To the age of twenty-five he studied the prevalent tantric systems of Nyingma and Shijey with many great masters. Following directions given to him by Padmasambhava in person, Nyima Özer went to the cave named Imprint of the Raksha's Claw and to Pearl Crystal Cave at Junipher Ridge where he received empowerment and blessings from both Padmasambhava and Yeshe Tsogyal. During the following years, Nyima Özer revealed an incredible amount of terma treasures. Without propagating a single of these teachings, he kept them secret and remained in retreat at Samye Chimphu for six years. During the retreat, Padmasambhava appeared for seven days and bestowed upon Nyima Özer whichever profound instruction he was requested. Finally, Padmasambhava dissolved into Nyima Özer's heart, producing an experience of bliss, clarity and nonthought which lasted for six months.


At another occasion, Yeshe Tsogyal commanded him to go to Lhodrak and establish a temple there for the benefit of beings. Later Nyang Ral Nyima Özer went to Lhodrak where innumerable disciples gradually gathered around him. Due to the tremendous impact of the terma treasures he revealed, Nyima Özer is considered the first of five terton kings.


Brief:NYANG RAL NYIMA ÖZER (nyang ral nyi ma 'od zer). (1124-1192). The first of the Five Terton Kings and a reincarnation of King Trisong Deutsen. Several of his revealed treasures are included in the Rinchen Terdzo, among which the most well known is the Kagye Deshek Dupa, a cycle of teachings focusing on the Eight Sadhana Teachings, and the biography of Guru Rinpoche called Sanglingma, now published as The Lotus-born. Nyang Ral means 'Braided one from Nyang,' and Nyima Özer means 'Ray of sun light.'














The third seat holder Tinchen Ratna "Tsewang Rinpoche



He was born to Pema Ngag Tenzin of Khumbu Shorong. He was recognized as the incarnation of H. H. the 2nd Do Marva Migyur Dorjee at an early age he achieved perfection in learning contemplation and mediation of Nyingmapa sect. At the age of 40 in Tibet he sought Dakar Chokyi Wangchuk as his root guru and received initiation reading transmission and explanation of tests revealed signs of an accomplished being After returning to Khumbu from Tibet he founded the monastery of Jyasa and dispelled the darkness of decadence that enveloped Shorong When he left for his heavenly abode the three letter (Om-Ah-Hung) radiated from his bone and this can be seen even today.



The fourth Seat holder Tinchen Ratna Bhata Rinpoche


He received excellent education at a tender age due to the kindness of his father. Later he established friend ship with Tibetan master Dordak Rigzin Pema Thinley. They attended the scholar and the accomplished Lama Tenzin Dakpa and achieved learning contemplation and meditation. He becomes peerless in foreknowledge of Karma and Terma of Nyingmapa. He also demonstrated proof of attainment of perfection such as making knot of spear symbol of blessedness can even see today. Towards the end of his life, when His Holiness the 13th  Dalai Lama Thupten Gyatso was in Darjeeling, he offered longevity prayer for one month according to the instruction of the 13th Dalai Lama. His disciple too showed proof of attainment of perfection as accomplished beings. After working for the well being of Buddha Dharma and all the sentient beings he passed away


fifth seat holder Kyadhak Karma Dhondhen Rinpoche


At an early Age under the guidance of his elder brother he quickly mastered both reading and writing. He also performed service worships in Mila Repa ‘s cave and achieved significant signs of accomplishment. After the expiry of his elder brother he held the seat and renovated the monastery. At the request of previous seat holder’s disciples and sponsors, he conferred initiation and oral transmission and finally passed into parinirvana.



The six Seat holder "Tinchen Gurmey Dorjee Rinpoche


He received his formal religious education from his father Karma Dhonden and other guru such as Jang Dhe Phook Khabgon Rinpoche, Zatrul Ngawang Tenzin Norbu and achieved accomplished in scholarship and practiced. Later he sought the His Holiness the Dudjom Rinpoche, the supreme head of Nyingmapa sect as his root Guru. He succeeded his father as the next seat holder. He conducted massive propitiation of gods in the main monastery as well as in all branch monasteries and thus succeeded in the propagation of Buddha Dharma. He passed away with marvelous signs of an extraordinary being. There is flower rain when his body is cremated and his forehead skull remains unburned and even can be seen today in monastery.



The seven Seat holder Lama Nyima Sangpo Rinpoche


At an early age he received education from, his father and the Great Abbot Dakyer Rinpoche and achieved accomplished  in learning and contemplation He sought Kyabje Trulshik Rinpoche as his root Guru and received the entire initiation and oral  transmission of Karma (Buddha, s original teachings) and Terma (Hidden Treasure) He constructed additional monks, rooms in Jyasa Monastery and introduced the performance of the ritual dance of Guru Tsengye (The eight manifestations of Guru Rinpoche.ln the Wood Dog year on an auspicious day, an abbot was invited from Dharthang Chodhey khen and a  college was established on Choekhor Duchen on the 4th  of the 6th  Tibetan month and was named Ogyen Shedrup Dhogueling by Kyabje Trulshik Rinpoche At present Rigsey Lama Nyima Sangpo Rinpoche  was the chair man of Nepal Buddhist Association. With single minded devotion he is rendering service to Buddha Dharma in general Nyingmapa sect in particular. May all his future endeavor be accomplished.



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