The Play of Thoughts 

The Play of Thoughts 



The Play of Thoughts 
by kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche 
Since all experience of suffering and happiness come from our actions and the positive or negative nature of such actions depends on our motivation. It is therefore essential to master our mind. Yet the subjugation o f our mind cannot be accomplished by physical force. We must control our mind so as to be able to abandon an action as soon as we recognize it is harmful. We must realize that the harm we do to others is in fact done to ourselves even if that does not seem to be the case in the short term. 
When a thought arises, it brings another with it, and then another in an endless sequence. 
We must break the chain of thoughts by letting them dissolve by themselves. It is this chain which has deceived us from beginning less time, and if we do not break it will continue to deceive us in future. 
The mind is the base from which thought rise up. It is impossible to stop them. We must remain at ease. The body quite relaxed, silent, paying attention not to follow thoughts, whether good or bad. In the state of ease the mind keeps watch over the mind. 
If we remain in the state of tranquility, making no effort whatsoever to restrain our thoughts of the past or the future, we experience a tranquil clarity which is similar to an ocean without waves. The mind resting in the mind is known nepa abiding 
Leave the mind in that state like a clear lake. On its motionless surface a change then appears, like a soft breeze rippling the surface of the water. 
This is called movement and if we allow ourselves to be carried away by it we shall go astray as previously explained .if we do not recognize stillness .It will be impossible for us to us to recognize movement. In the depths of the mind something exist which is able to recognize stillness exists which is able to recognize stillness and movement at the same time. That is called rigpa, or Awareness. 
During meditation, we must neither reject nor follow movement. Having recognized stillness we can let the mind return there each time.By remaining at ease whenever the change takes place, the movement will dissolve by itself like the wave which forms on the surface of the ocean and which subsides into it again. 
Trying to stop a movement when it occurs only makes the thought more powerful .so we must never resist the movement but return to the previous experience of tranquility thanks to Awareness. Just as stirring the limpid water of a lake only disturbs the water like wise there is no possibility of clarity if the thoughts are constantly agitated 
The meditation called shine or mental calm is the base of all meditations .thanks to this practice the onslaught of thoughts will calm down. This does not mean that the thoughts will cease to Aries but they will no longer affect us minor destroy our serenity. 
At present the thoughts which assail us are so present, so persistent that we feel obliged to follow them. 
The practice of mental calm wears away the aggressively of thought so that it is progressively easier for us not to depart from serenity .by getting used to that we shall be so relaxed in meditation that the desire to move will disappear .A great sense of well being will invade us, and we shall desire never to leave that state .Even when practiced in the dark, this practice brings an experience of total clarity similar to a nascent dawn. 
If we practice meditation these three experiences bliss clarity and the state mind without thoughts will not fail to arise at some point .If that does not occur, it means that either we are not practicing correctly or that we have not trained enough it could be that we experience a somber, heavy feeling during this practice as if our head were covered by a hood. This resembles a state of boredom in which there are no thoughts. 
If this state emerges we should shake ourselves sit up imbue our heart with greater intensity and look up rather than down .The best method for eliminating obstacle during mediation is that of devotion to the lama. Thanks to this our mind becomes one with the mind of the lama .It is not a matter of mixing one thing with another but rather of pouring water into water. Just as the space enclosed by the hands becomes identically to the external space once the hands are parted so also there is no difference between our mind and that of the lama. His is not better, ours is not impure .Such difference do not exist .This is really the secret meditation. 



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