Why mantras are effective

Why mantras are effective

Why mantras are effective

** Why mantras are effective


It is also called mantrayana because by chanting mantras, you will be able to purify all impurities of body, speech and mind. For instance, when we chant the Tara mantra Om Tara Tuttare Ture Svaha, it contains so much energy and blessing because this mantra has been blessed by Tara. Actually, the wisdom or blessing or whatever you call it, is in mantra form. So whoever recites it can be truly blessed.


Sometimes, we wonder how can the chanting of some words bring us benefit? Words can contain a lot of meaning and it sometimes can contain a lot of powerful forces. For instance, if I said to someone, “You are such a nice person, so honest,” immediately, this person’s expression will be very different. This person will accept your compliments, maybe he will smile at you and he may even treat you to a good lunch! But if you criticise him, if you say, “You are dishonest, you are not a good person, you are ugly,” you know, something like that, immediately, his expression will change.


So if simple words can carry so much energy, why not this blessed word? Blessed words can bring us some form of achievement as they contain a lot of power, a lot of positive energy. Of course, there are differences between ordinary words and words that have been blessed. If you recite just any words then it might not bring any benefit. For instance, if you recite my name, “lTulku Rinpoche Jamyang Wangpo” it’s a waste of time. It won’t bring anything. But if you recite Tara's or Buddha’s names, it will definitely bring a lot of merit. 



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