Consecration of Statues, Stupas, Thangkas, Malas, and Other Religious Objects


Blessings & Consecrations for Objects
Statues, Stupas, Thangkas, Malas, Prayer Flags, and Religious Objects

Why should I have my statue or religious object blessed?

It is not appropriate to leave “empty” religious objects such as statues or stupas on a shrine. Therefore, they must be filled. They are filled with “Tsung-Shu” which is a combination of blessed and valued items such as relics, mantras, jewels, medicines, grains, etc. Other religious objects (such as your thangkas, malas, or solid statues) should be blessed to turn these objects into sacred objects.

What is the procedure for having my statue or religious object blessed?

You can bring your items to Sakya Monastery and leave them with the office staff anytime Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM – Noon. Provide the office staff with your religious objects and the appropriate donation amount, and make sure to fill out the proper form (see below). You will be notified by phone or e-mail when the blessing is complete. Sakya Monastery is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Date: _____/_____/_____

Number of statues: _______________

Religious objects description: _____________________________________________________


Name: ____________________________________________________________

Contact phone or e-mail: ______________________________________________

For office use only

Tsung Shu Fee Rcvd.: _______by (staff): _________________________________ Donation to Lama Rcvd: _____________

Donation to Monk Rcvd: _____________ The following dana (donation) is suggested:

Total Statue/Stupa size $250-300 19”
$170-220 13”
$95-145 8”

$95-145 6”

Lama’s portion varies*

zushug (filling) portion $100

$60 $15 $15

monk’s portion $100

$60 $30 $30

$50 minimum donation for only a blessing
*$100 Head Lama fee, $50 Acting Head Lama fee




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