Blessings for Weddings

Background Information & What to Bring

Couples (Buddhist or non-Buddhist) can arrange to have their wedding ceremony officiated by our Acting Head Rinpoche . Wedding ceremonies are held in the lower Shrine Room ( Dharma Centre). If desired, ceremonies can also be held offsite.

For all weddings:

1. Complete a Registration Form.

On the Day of the Wedding:

  1. Bring your Marriage License

  2. Bring offerings for the Buddha Shrine (i.e., flowers, fruits, incense or candles, etc.)

  3. Bring offerings for the Lama and two attendants

  4. Bring three or four katags

  5. If the marriage is at Sakya Monastery, as part of your wedding ceremony, Sakya

    Monastery will provide auspicious Long Life rice and tea for the couple.

  6. If a reception is held at Sakya Monastery, bring your own plates, cups, utensils,

    napkins, etc.

Additional items required for an onsite wedding ceremony at Jyasa Monastery:

1. Fill out a Facilities Use Agreement.

Additional items required for an offsite wedding ceremony:

  1. Buddhist shrine or altar at the site*

  2. Transportation to and from the site, for the Lama and two attendants.

*If you don’t have an altar, the Lama’s attendant will bring altar objects for use in the blessing. Please inform us in advance if this is the case. 


Wedding Registration Form

Today’s Date: _____/_____/_____ Name(s):_________________________________________________________ Address:_________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________
Email: __________________________________________________________
Phone Number: (____)______-___________
Wedding Location and Address:_________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ (If at Sakya Monastery, please fill out the Facilities Use Agreement)

If you have not already chosen a wedding date, the Lama can determine an auspicious date for you using Tibetan astrology (If you have already chosen a date, please skip this step):
1. _____/_____/_____ (Your Birthday)
2. _____/_____/_____ (Your Partner’s Birthday)

Please provide 3 possible dates on which you would like your wedding, ranked from first choice to last choice. Also, indicate the desired time. If the ceremony is held at Dharma centre, we will check our calendar to make sure the Tibetan Cultural Hall is not already in use at that time. Date Time:

1. _____/_____/_____ __________________ 2. _____/_____/_____ __________________ 3. _____/_____/_____ __________________ 



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